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The IoD is a non party-political business organisation founded by Royal Charter in 1903, currently with around 55,000 members. The IoD has always championed the entrepreneur and seeks to provide an environment conducive to business success. For any company to prosper, directors will be continually engaged in making decisions involving innovation, risk and investment. Entrepreneurial activity needs to take place within a solid, strategic framework. Informed decisions depend upon knowledge and experience. The IoD has always been dedicated to providing directors with the information and advice they require to help their business succeed.

The British Computer Society (BCS) is the industry body for ICT professionals, and a Chartered Engineering Institution for Information and Communication Technology (ICT). With over  70,000 members in over 100 countries around the world, the BCS      is the leading professional and learned Society in the field of computers,  communications and information systems. The BCS exists to provide service and support to the IT community, including IT practitioners and employers of IT practitioners.The Society also acts to generate public awareness and appreciation of the social and economic benefits of ICT. The BCS was formed to establish and maintain appropriate standards of education and experience for persons engaged in the profession or practice of ICT or those entering into University courses of study in    IT, Communications, Computing or allied subjects.

IMIS (part of BCS)  is the leading professional association in the Information Systems management sector. A registered charity, it has consistently played a prominent role in fostering greater understanding of the importance of IS management, working to enhance the status of those engaged in the profession, and promoting higher standards through better education and training, both in the UK and overseas.While there are several professional associations concentrating primarily on the technical side of the IS equation, IMIS is the only one which focuses specifically on the practical application and management of information systems within our society.

CMI is the leading Chartered Management Professional Body. As the champion of management, the Chartered Management Institute shapes and supports the managers of tomorrow. By sharing the latest insights and setting standards in professional management development, the Chartered Management Institute helps to deliver results in a dynamic business world, assisting professional managers in all industries to adopt the highest professonal standards.The Chartered Management Institute is committed to lifelong learning, we are the natural guide to success for providers of qualifications to all levels of manager and across all industry sectors.  


Chartered IT Professional (CITP) is the hallmark of a true IT professional. Achieving Chartered IT Professional status demonstrates that you practise the highest professional information technology standards. CITP is a professional credential that demonstrates both competence and a commitment to keep pace with advancing knowledge and the increasing expectations and requirements of the profession. Only the BCS can award CITP status to an IT professional. BCS campaigns with employers to recognise CITP status as the benchmark for highly skilled  and committed IT professionals.