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Professional Services:  Experience shows that customers need a flexible quality approach to their solutions. CINTIS have a range of professional services designed to address all critical Network Life Cycle activities in your network operations.  

Consultancy Services: CINTIS International's experienced technical consultants can review your business objectives and your current network and IT infrastructure. They work with your key technical and managerial personnel to ensure risk avoidance.

Consultants: work strictly to technical methodologies that ensure proposed solutions meet their needs, with the minimum of disruption to the existing working infrastructure .

Consultants: will first arrange a meeting with the customer's technical management. They will clarify in detail the exact requirement and propose a course of action that will provide an understanding of the need and key steps for a fully documented solution. 

IT & Network Design:  Each consultant will produce a specific technical plan that will focus on achieving your business results in a timely and most efficient manner.

IT & Network Migration:  The availability of critical resources in support of the technical concept, design scope, test procedure, implementation plan and configuration documentation. 

Industry Information Services:  We like to ensure our customers are kept up-to-date with the latest technical developments within the Telecommunications, Information Technology and Cable industry sectors.

Technical consultants: are on hand to discuss specific industry developments and trends that may assist in optimising the network infrastructure.

Project Management: Project Management plays a significant role in project completion, budget control and the key  parts to ensuring all project elements are finalised to the customers satisfaction. 

Projects: are delivered on time and within agreed operational budgets and agreed specifications CINTIS have a well defined process.

Project Definition:  Project Planning:  Project Scheduling: Project Implementation:  Project Budget Control:

Customers are kept fully involved throughout implementation, which takes away the headache of the day to day activity. Our project managers have a wealth experience in delivering successfully on time and to the original customer roll-out plan.

Program Management:  Providing the customer with a full program rollout control across EMEA.

Risk Avoidance Methodology:  Assisting customers to avoid costly project failure through systematic technical evaluation, lab integration in a controlled and safe environment.

Training Services:  A key component for any new technical implementation is solid training for the operational, technical and management support personnel.  We arrange the right level of training and focus on the needs of each individual person.